About us

Creative Hire is a recruitment platform where companies can scout, assess, connect with, and hire designers based both on their profile and portfolios. Our platform matches designers and companies for full-time, part-time and contract positions.

In addition, designers will get access to a series of insights about the hiring practices of companies so they can understand the industry better.

Finally, designers and employers will be able to connect with design experts who specialize in a series of skills including auditing portfolios, applicant profiles, job descriptions, and providing guidance in the UX hiring process.


Keyword optimize your portfolio

Your portfolio defines you as a designer. It speaks about your vision and creativity in a way a resume cannot. Our platform gives you the ability to keyword optimize both your portfolio and profile so you can apply for the jobs that are connected to your work.


Apply for the right jobs

Our criteria for recommending jobs is based on the overall compatibility of the job’s requirements and your profile and portfolio. We want you to apply for the jobs where you have a higher probability of getting callbacks, acing interviews, and getting offers.


Access UX-related data

At Creative Hire, transparency is everything. Our data platform will give you access to design-related analytics that can help boost your UX career regardless of your experience level. These include salaries, skills in demand, company hiring practices, tools in demand, and locations with the most UX jobs available.


Connect with design mentors

The value of a UX mentor is immeasurable. From portfolio reviews to interview strategies to general career guidance, you’ll be able to network with design experts who have been in the industry for years.


Try early access

Creative Hire is currently onboarding a limited number of designers. Click the link below to register now.
Please note that we will only host UX Designers authorized to work in the US.